Welcome to Julia’s Bakery at Lobster & Grill

We are delighted to offer you stunning bakes from the kitchens of Michelin Star rated chef Paul Rhodes.

Welcome to Mastercrafted, Paul's new handcrafted, long fermentation, great tasting and nutritious range made from diverse historical grains and carefully sourced additional ingredients. Predominantly distinctive breads at present, we have other products in development and will be looking to continuously add to the Mastercrafted range over time.


Pick up a Paul Rhode pastry & a freshly brewed Coffee on the way to work or to the train station.

Opening Times

Julia is taking a well deserved summer break, she will return with lots of new flavours for you to enjoy in October.

Order Booking

Place an order with us. Lobster & grill is still available for bookings.

Daily Crumb Check

We’re not all about the bun…Whether it’s ciabatta or focaccia, brioche or sourdough, or even a simple hunk of wholesome baguette, we know you’ll be able to find a favourite in our handmade selection of bread.

Sweet Treats

Our almond croissants, pain au raisins, pain au chocolates and of course, our famous cinnamon buns will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a bakery right in the heart of France.

Happiness in a box?

No problem. We offer various boxes of goodies including a mouthwatering lunch and breakfast boxes. Gluten FREE & Vegan.

Coffee Intake by CARRARO

We only use the very best beans for your daily Coffee intake, we use Gran Crema.

Created to satisfy the demands of the drinker who enjoys a very definite, full-bodied coffee, features a fragrant aroma of fine roasted coffee, a highly compact creaminess and a full, harmonious body.

The aftertaste evokes attractively rounded and velvety flavours of good traditional coffee.

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