Welcome to Julia’s Bakery at Lobster & Grill.

We are delighted to offer you stunning bakes from the kitchens of Michelin Star rated chef Paul Rhodes.

Welcome to Mastercrafted, Paul's new handcrafted, long fermentation, great tasting and nutritious range made from diverse historical grains and carefully sourced additional ingredients. Predominantly distinctive breads at present, we have other products in development and will be looking to continuously add to the Mastercrafted range over time.

This initial Mastercrafted range has been developed in response to both time spent in the field and enjoying bread worldwide, but also as a result of feedback to some of the sourdough breads we launched in 2018. These naturally and slowly leavened loaves were so well received by our customers, and our Seeded Porridge Sour even won a 2018 Great British Food Award, that we decided to create more products in this vein and bring them together under one brand.

Breakfast on the go

Pick up a Paul Rhodes pastry & a freshly brewed Coffee on the way to work or to the train station.

Available from 18th November, 7am - 4.30pm.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday: 7am-4.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am-4pm

Order Booking

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About Our Baker - Paul Rhodes

Founded in 2003 by Pierre Koffmann protégé and former Michelin-starred chef Paul Rhodes, Paul Rhodes Bakery is one of the leading independent bakeries in London, specialising in handcrafted breads and pastries, all made using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. Our business is constantly evolving and we are always looking at new ways of working. A ‘back to basics’ approach is now driving our business forward, ensuring an even greater emphasis on provenance and true artisanal production – as well as allowing us to help sustain independent UK farmers. We are regularly meeting with farmers, millers and suppliers of other ingredients – from olives to fresh fruit – to ensure our products are not only as natural and sustainably sourced as possible – but also the very best tasting we can find.

From our Greenwich bakery, we provide customers of all sizes within the London area – from Michelin-starred restaurants, neighbourhood cafes and specialist delis, through to leading hotel groups, major food service companies, and world-beating venues – with all their bakery needs, virtually every day of the year. And whatever the size and nature of their order, it all gets delivered freshly baked and early in the morning, by our own drivers. We also run a neighbourhood bakery shop in Greenwich which keeps us in tune with the daily demands of our own consumers. Dedicated to traditional baking techniques and committed to excellence across every aspect of our business, we take pride in meeting the needs of every customer, whatever the size of their business or appetite. Welcome to The Art of Baking

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